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Movies you say?

Being a Ginger makes things... interesting. We get a lot of flack from people for all sorts of things yet, so many people love the GINGER characters in movies and TV shows! Here are some of our favorites:


- I Feel like this is the only movie I need to post. Lets be honest here, we all wanted to be a mermaid at some point in our life!

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Summer Time? SUNburntime is more like it...

Summer is here and with it... the SUN. The one burning thing that all Gingers love to hate. Why? Well I think anyone that is as pale as we are knows the answer to that! SUNBURN HURTS AND I DON'T LIKE IT! 

Here are some of the sunscreens we have tried and like the best. If you have others you like please leave us some recommendations in the comments. We are always looking for new stuff to try out and protect our skin.

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